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Vietnamese delicacies with a French touch and French cuisine with Vietnamese flavors.

Coming to Fashionista Café, your culinary experience will be a cross between contemporary French cuisine with many layers of depth of Vietnamese flavor, between colors mixing fresh seasonal ingredients, and also a place where you can comfortably have a delicious meal, watch the hustle and bustle in the corner.


Nestled in the lush greenery of Phung Khac Khoan street, the quiet Fashionista Café restaurant in the French villa No. 22B, covered with glass walls and flowers, a little sunshine, and melodious music, all create a perfect “winter garden” for memorable moments. Fashionista Café is a good place for those who like silence and watching the streets.


This impressed Michelin appraisers, who “quietly” visited restaurants across Vietnam, enjoying, not once but many times, the quality assessment. On June 6, 2023, Fashionista Café was officially honored at the Michelin Selected category of the Michelin Guide.


Our menu is led and inspired by Chef Sakal Phoeung with more than 22 years of experience and Fashionista Café’s CEO, Ms. Le Thu, a businesswoman with a passionate passion for beauty, including food and fashion.

Dining Experiences

At Fashionista Café, the French menu with Vietnamese flavors according to Michelin Guide standards, combined with the restaurant layout and service style towards fine dining, brings an elegant dining experience. 


In order for French dishes with Vietnamese flavors to become art, chefs must really understand the French fussy eating style, and require a lot of effort to explore the characteristics of Vietnamese ingredients to combine properly and sufficiently, in order to bring a culinary experience that converges aesthetic, taste and meaning factors for diners.

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Fashionista Café

Vietnamese delicacies
with French touch and French
cuisine with Vietnamese flavours.

Opening Hours

. Monday to Friday: 9:00 - 22:00
. Saturday & Sunday: 8:00 - 22:00


. Finest Catering Service
. Venue for Events
. Wine & Dine Packages


Address: 22B Phung Khac Khoan,
Da Kao Ward, District 1,
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Reservation: 096 540 14 88

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